First, we are not the regular cinema theatre, and we do not show the regular movies at regular cinemas. Our cinemas offer extreme adventure experience using short movies/ rides or games and wearable technology. Our movie/ ride or games experience lasts between 5 mins and 10 mins - depending on the movie/ride/game, and any of our movies/ rides/games can be played at anytime, so we do not have set showtimes. No reservations are necessary to experience a VR Battle Platform or 9D Virtual Reality Cinema adventure at our VR4YOU - 9D CINEMA, unless you are looking to reserve the facility for private group event.  We have over 92 movies/ rides in different genres - action, sci fi, horror, educational, roller coaster rides, sky coaster rides, and tons of kid friendly movies and 5 pcs of 360° VR shooting games. We currently do not have our movies/ rides/ games listed online, however, once you come in, one of our staff will take you through the list of movies/ rides or games and assist you in picking a movie or ride or game for your individual or group's entertainment. For the ultimate experience, we recommend that you experience both our VR Battle Platform and our 9D Virtual Reality Cinema.

Image titleThe  VRUNDOVR Battle Platform, along with the HTC VIVE virtual reality helmet last generation with 32 headset sensors and with the two wireless controllers with 24 sensors each and the integrated double laser positioning system incorporates to ensure that the player are immersed in the action and wowed beyond imagination. Players have many adventures to enjoy. Do they like games shoot everything that moves? Want to eliminate zombies? Escape from an enclosed room, the style "escape room" ?. Feel the absolute fear. To dive into the depths of the ocean swimming alongside a whale? Or maybe they fight orcs with their bows? Players will "feel" what they see in the movie and practically "live" the movie.

Image titleThe  VRUNDO - 9D Virtual Reality Cinema, along with the Deë Poon glasses identical with Oculus Rift glasses, takes movies to the next level, by delivering a 360 degree panoramic view, whereby you can turn around and see what's going on in the movie- beside, behind & all around you, also with movement synchronized seats with next effects like Back poke, Virbration, Air jet, Leg touch
adding up to a powerful immersive experience... so real that it will leave you breathless. By integrating our 360 degree panoramic viewing technology , Deë Poon VR glass and motion seats with aditional effects, audience don't just watch the movie, they become part of the cast.

We hope to see you soon... and when coming, bring your nerves, because the experience will blow your mind!

tel: +34 685 451 926

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