VR4YOU - 9D CINEMA is a trade mark of DAGDA BALEARES, S.L. a spanish company from the Balearic Islands. Opportunities with multi-dimensional cinemas were idenified in Spain and much time was devoted to researching the best available systems and equipment around the world to ensure reliability, safety and cost effectiveness while maximizing the sensory ride experience. A team of professionals was established to manage the corporate and operational structure, to ensure that it is managed efficiently and with solid corporate governance.

The first 9 Dimensional Motion/ Effect Theatre & Virtual Reality Cinema, known as VR4YOU - 9D CINEMA  will be opened in decembre 2016 on Baleares.  The VR cinema have been created using VRUNDO equipment the latest leading-edge technology with direct drive, electric powered motion that further accentuates the ride delivering a remarkably intense and extreme experience.

The company transcended the meaning of "watching" movies... by designing systems that allow the audiences to "Live the Movie." With over 97 pcs 9D motion/ effects and virtual reality movies & rides & games, including interactive shooting games, action movies, horror movies, sci-fi movies, roller coaster rides, and tons of kid-friendly movies, available on a "walk-in" or "group reservation" basis, everyone is covered.

VRUNDO - VR Battle Platform

The VRUNDO - VR Battle Platform, along with the HTC VIVE virtual reality helmet last generation with the two wireless controllers incorporates to ensure that players to are immersed in the action and wowed beyond imagination. Players will "feel" what they see in the game / movie / ride and practically "live" the game / movie / ride.

VRUNDO - 9D Virtual Reality Cinema

The VRUNDO - 9D Virtual Reality Cinema, along with the Deë Poon glasses identical with Oculus Rift glasses, takes movies to the next level, by delivering a 360 degree panoramic view (whereby you can turn around and see what's going on in the movie- beside, behind & all around you), with movement synchronization and powerful immerse experience... so real that it will leave you breathless. By integrating our 360 degree panoramic viewing technology , Deë Poon VR glass and motion seats with supporting effects like back poke, virbration, air jet and leg touch, audience don't just watch the movie, they are"in" the movie.

tel: +34 685 451 926

Company details

calle Gran Via Puig des Castellet 1
07180 SANTA PONÇA (Illes Balears)
CIF: B57911968

email: info@vr4you.es