We are a combination of two worlds. 9 dimensional virtual reality (VR) cinema and virtual reality battle platform.

With the VR cinema, the audience don't just watch the movie, they are part of the cast... with 360 degree panoramic viewing, the audience gets to see what is going on behind and all around them in the movie. With the movie synchronized movement seats and adding up effects like back poke, virbration, air jet, leg touch, it´s possible to receive a powerful immersive experience.

With the VR battle platform players have many kinds of adventures to enjoy. Games shooting everything that moves, eliminating zombies, escaping from an enclosed room, feeling the absolute fear, diving into the depths of the ocean or fighting orcs with bows. Players will "feel" what they see and practically "live" the game/ movie/ ride.

Our VR4YOU - 9D CINEMA  can be find in front of Douglas Perfumeria on the 1-st floor of PORTO PI comertial center in Palma de Mallorca.

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First, we do not show the regular movies that are in regular cinemas. All our movies are programmed to work with our 9D and VR technologies. We have a collection of over 97 VR movies/ rides/ games.

Our movies include action, scifi, horror, and tons of kid friendly movies, including roller coaster rides in different environments.

Movie/ game times vary depending on the kind of movie. Roller coaster movies/ rides are around 5mins long while horror, scifi movies are more like 10mins. Gemes are about 10mins.

Regular admissions do not require any reservation.

Reservations are recommended for all group events and birthday parties, and 24 hours advance notice is recommended, however, we can accommodate any event without reservation as long as it does not conflict with an existing reservation.

Every month new movies will be released.

We do not have specific times for our movies/ rides/ games. Any of our performances, can be shown at any time and any day.

Once you come in, we will take you through our selection of movies/ rides/ games, and let help you make a pick based on your kind of requirements. We will then play the movie for you.

All group events and birthday parties are private. Meaning that the facility will be reserved for you and your guests for the time period reserved. There are no limits to the number of guests you can invite. While reserved, your guests can experience unlimited number of VR movies/ rides/ games.

Due to the advanced nature of our technology, we do not have a eating area inside the facility, however, been that we are located inside the mall, there are tons of eating areas for groups.

Tickets purchased online on our website are delivered electronically and will never expire.

During checkout, you may be asked to enter shipping address, this feature pertains to only company apparel that will soon be available for purchase online. Enter this information, however the next page will validate the electronic delivery option.

Once ticket is purchased, you will receive email confirmation of purchase. Print and bring the ticket confirmation to the facility of your choice.

tel: +34 685 451 926

Company details

calle Gran Via Puig des Castellet 1
07180 SANTA PONÇA (Illes Balears)
CIF: B57911968

email: info@vr4you.es